Saturday 23 October, 2021 | 15:30



Eduardo Contizanetti: guitar;
Alessandro Scolz: keyboards;
Pietro Sponton: drums;

In a place surrounded by the accents that wine carries within itself from the land where it is born, you immerse yourself in the accents of the music and in the time that the music carries. For wine, the seasons all represent a moment and a movement, accompanied by a sound and a profound identity. Thus, with music and wine you live the present.
Four Dispensers containing different wines from different places and each Dispenser carrying the scents of the seasons, the freshness of spring, the warmth of summer, the melancholy of autumn and the depth of winter, where the listener can taste freely by being carried away by the movement of the notes and from the ancestral and deep sound of the earth through the glasses.
A unique place that will put everyone in contact with the accents of the wines and their land of origin in a room that has no equal in Italy.
Music meets the earth through wines.


On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla, the Eduardo Contizanetti’s trio offers a repertoire consisting of pieces by Piazzolla and original pieces. The project develops by exploring the different expressive possibilities of tango in the encounter with other contemporary musical genres and with improvisation.

Event with limited number and by reservation on


Jazz&Wine of Peace 2021


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Via Campo Sportivo, 13, 34070 Mariano del Friuli, GO, Italia