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Sacile presso Cartoleria Abacus
Centro Commerciale Serenissima
viale Matteotti, 36 B Sacile / +39 0434 781221

Piano Jazz also this year renews its appointment to discover all the nuances of the piano in the prestigious Fazioli Concert Hall.

The event will start with the notes of Bojaz Z, a brilliant international pianist rewarded several times for the great originality of his songs. It will continue with the engaging and refined music of the young Thomas Enhco to end with the dynamic rhythm and out of the ordinary of A Buu.

Three proposals, as always entrusted to big names and emerging stars, once again able to intrigue, stimulate and amaze a curious public open to contamination.


Fri 15 March, 2019 | 19:45
Fazioli Concert Hall

Fri 22 March, 2019 | 19:45
Fazioli Concert Hall

Fri 12 April, 2019 | 18:45
Fazioli Concert Hall