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Sacile presso Cartoleria Abacus
Centro Commerciale Serenissima
viale Matteotti, 36 B Sacile / +39 0434 781221

With three dates and the novelty of a matinee received in the historic Tenuta Vistorta di Sacile – while two appointments reinforce the prestigious collaboration with Fazioli Concert Hall, a place where musician and audience become one – the appointment with Piano is renewed Jazz, the Controtempo project that leads to ever new territories, to discover the many declinations of the piano.

A path that starts with the evocative notes of Daniele Di Bonaventura’s bandoneon and their intertwining with the clear and refined pianismo of Giovanni Guidi. He continues in the engaging, exciting depth that Enrico Zanisi knows how to create, even in an unusual context for a jazz meeting and ends with the Cuban heart of Marialy Pacheco that melts the icy northern sounds of Joo Kraus. Three proposals, as always entrusted to big names of the national and international scene, and once again able to intrigue, stimulate, amaze, addressed to a curious public and open to contamination.


Fri 4 May, 2018 | 18:45
Fazioli Concert Hall

Sun 13 May, 2018 | 09:00
Tenuta Vistorta