Transparent Administration

The main principle of transparency policy, as stated in the no. 124 Law on 4th August 2017, means “total accessibility” of information in the organizations and activity of the administrations. The main objective of the policy is to promote a widespread control over the actions and the use of resources. In this section the data’s publication adheres to obligations set out in the first Article, namely in paragraphs 125-129. The article contains all the information about grants, contributions, paid jobs and any other economic advantages received by the same public administrations and by the same individuals of last year.


 € 127.597,44 2019.02.25 Regione FVG – Direzione centrale culturale, sport e solidarietà
 € 14.400,00 2019.03.01 Camera di Commercio Gorizia e Trieste , Fondo Gorizia
 € 12.763,20 2019.06.19 Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali – saldo 2018
€ 23.528,94 2019.07.08 Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali – anticipo 2019
 €  10.560,00 2019.09.13 Regione FVG-Direzione centrale attività produttive, turismo e cooperazione area attività produttive
 € 14.400,00 2019.10.28 Comune di Cormòns