XXII Edition 
from 23 to 27 October 2019


Wednesday 18 September

Vienna, Porgy & Bess Jazz & Music Club, Riemergasse 11
Alexander Balanescu: violin –  Zlatko Kaučič: ground drums – Javier Girotto: woodwinds


Saturday 19 October

6:00 pm
Cormòns, Sala Civica


Sunday 20 October

6:00 pm
Az. Agricola Castello di Rubbia – Gornji Vrh 54 – San Michele del Carso (Gorizia)
QUARTZITE 4ET (Slovenia, Netherlands; Italy)
Marko Jugovic: vibes – Wietse Voermans: alto sax – Alessio Bruno: double bass – Elvis Homan: drums


Wednesday 23 October

9:00 pm
Cormòns, Teatro Comunale
Bill Frisell: electric guitar – Petra Haden: voice – Hank Roberts: cello, vocals – Luke Bergman: vocals, baritone guitar


Thursday 24 October

11:00 am
Cantina Jermann di Ruttars, Località Trussio 11, Dolegna del Collio
ULTRAMARINE “Il canto degli uccelli” (Italy)
Daniele D’Agaro: clarinets – Denis Biason: guitar, banjo – Luigi Vitale: marimba, percussion – Camillo Prosdocimo: imitation of birdsong

11:00 am
Castello di Spessa, via Spessa 1, Capriva del Friuli
Lisa Hofmaninger: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet – Judith Schwarz: drums

1:00 pm
Azienda Roncùs, via Mazzini 26, Capriva del Friuli

3:30 pm
Villa Attems Cernozza de Postcastro – Via Giulio Cesare 36, Lucinico (Gorizia)
RENATO BORGHETTI Quarteto (Brazil)
Renato Borghetti: diatonic button accordion – Pedro Figueiredo: flute, soprano saxophone – Daniel Sá: guitar – Vitor Peixoto: piano

6:00 pm
Villa Nachini Cabassi, Piazza XXVII Maggio, Corno di Rosazzo (UD)
Théo Ceccaldi: violin – Edward Perraud: drums, percussion

9:30 pm
Cormòns, Teatro Comunale
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN & The 4th Dimension (UK, Cameroon, India)
John McLaughlin: guitar – Gary Husband: keyboards – Etienne Mbappé: electric bass – Ranjit Barot: drums


Friday 25 October

11:00 pm
Abbazia di Rosazzo, Piazza Abbazia 5, Manzano – Loc. Rosazzo (Udine)
Frode Haltli: accordion – Erlend Apneseth: Hardanger fiddles – Hans P. Kjorstad: violin – Rolf- Erik Nystrøm: saxophones – Hildegunn Øiseth: trumpet, goat horn and vocals – Ståle Storløkken: harmonium, synthesizers – Juhani Silvola: guitars and electronics – Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir: guitar and vocals – Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson: double bass – Siv Øyunn Kjenstad: drums and vocals.

1:00 pm
Azienda Agricola Borgo San Daniele, via San Daniele 38, Cormòns

3:30 pm
Azienda Agricola Gradis’ciutta, Loc. Giasbana, 32/a , 34070 S.Floriano del Collio (GO)
Binker Golding: tenor saxophone – Sarah Tandy: piano – Dan Casimir: bass – Sam Jones: drums

4:00 pm 
Tenuta di Angoris, Località Angoris 7, Cormòns
Clarissa Durizzotto: alto sax, clarinet – Giorgio Pacorig: Fender Rhodes

6:00 pm
Cantina Produttori Cormòns, via Vino della Pace 31, Cormòns
Nubya Garcia: tenor saxophone – Rest of lineup t.b.a.

9:30 pm
Cormòns, Teatro Comunale
Shabaka Hutchings: tenor saxophone – Dan Leavers:  keyboards – Max Hallet: drums


Saturday 26 October

11:00 am
Nova Gorica (SLO), Kulturni Dom
Patrizio Fariselli: piano, keyboards – Marco Micheli: electric bass – Walter Paoli: drums – Claudia Tellini: vocals

Azienda Russiz Superiore S.S., via Russiz, 7, Capriva del Friuli

1:15 pm
Azienda Agricola Ca’ Ronesca, loc. Lonzano, Dolegna del Collio
Dieter Glawischnig: piano – Tanja Feichtmair: alto sax

4:00 pm
VIPOLŽE (SLO), Vila Vipolže, Vipolže 29
David Murray: tenor sax, bass clarinet – Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: bass – Paal Nilssen-Love: drums

6:00 pm
Gorizia, Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi
Dianne Reeves: vocals – Peter Martin: piano – Romero Lubambo: guitar – Reginald Veal: bass – Terreon Gully: drums

9:30 pm
Cormòns, Teatro Comunale
CROSS CURRENTS TRIO featuring Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain, Chris Potter (UK, India, USA)
Chris Potter: tenor and soprano saxophones – Dave Holland: double bass – Zakir Hussain: tablas


Sunday 27 October

11:00 am
Tenuta Villanova, via Contessa Beretta 29, loc. Villanova, Farra d’Isonzo
Dave Rempis: alto, tenor & baritone saxophones – Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello and electronics – Paal Nilssen-Love: drums

11.00 am
Azienda Agricola Magnas – Via Corona 47, Cormòns
Filippo Orefice: tenor sax, clarinet – Fabrizio Puglisi: piano – Marco D’Orlando: drums

1:00 pm
Villa Codelli, via Codelli 15, Mossa (GO)
Francesco Diodati: guitars – Francesco Lento: trumpet – Enrico Zanisi: Fender Rhodes, synths – Glauco Benedetti: tuba, valve trombone – Enrico Morello: drums, gongs

3:30 pm
Cantina Produttori Cormòns, via Vino della Pace 31, Cormòns
Aly Keita: balafon – Hamid Drake: drums, percussion

6:00 pm
Borgo Conventi, Strada della Colombara 13, Farra d’Isonzo
Theon Cross: tuba – Chelsea Carmichael: sax – Benjamin Appiah: drums – tba: guitar




Friday 12 July 2019, Tenuta Vistorta, Sacile – Vistorta in music “Old-time trio”


Doors open at 20.00 with a dish prepared by Daniela Doretto accompanied by the wines of Vistorta; the concert will start at 9.00pm

Old-time trio

The Trio Fiore, Massarutto, Martin researches the origins of American music. In the second half of the 1800s when the border between country, folk and blues was not yet well defined, everything was part of a music that was evolving through the meeting of musicians from all over the world, for this reason the project is called ” Old-Time Trio “

The Trio recovers classic old-time music songs, at Ragtime up to the blues, also taking up the use of poor instruments used at the time: mandolin, washboard, spoons, bones, paper bags etc …

Andrea Fiore: voice, guitar, mandolin, bones, spoons, washboard, etc.
Gianni Massarutto :
diatonic harmonica, chromatic harmonic and chords
Marco Martin : Double bass

Pre-sales at Cucina33 (within 09.07): 0434 312472

In collaboration with:


Enjoy Collio Experience means experiencing the territory at 360 degrees, plunging into the beauty of nature of a land that proudly preserves its biodiversity, embracing slowness, living well and environmental sustainability as a philosophy of life. With Enjoy Collio Experience you will immerse yourself in the many nuances that this land has to offer, united in a synergy of experiences, voices, people ready to accompany you to the discovery of Collio and its cultural, landscape and food and wine riches. Controtempo collaborates in the musical accompaniment of some events, to make the experience even more memorable.

Wednesday 29 May 2019 7.00 pm, Rocca del Monte Quarin (Cormòns)
In the enchantment of the sunset, on the Rocca del Monte Quarin, a Collio Experience not to be missed.

We will let ourselves be enveloped by the atmosphere of the sun that goes down over the hills, we will taste the wines of the territory and the typical traditional products in a unique setting.

The evening will be made even more unique by the presence of the RailRoad Trio (Gianni Massarutto, Andrea Fiore, Luca Grizzo), with his repertoire that goes from the origins of American music from the mid-1800s “when the border between country, folk and blues was not yet well defined and everything was part of a music that was evolving through the meeting of musicians from all over the world. The Trio recovers classic songs of old-time music, from Ragtime to blues also taking up the use of poor instruments used at the time: mandolin, washboard, spoons, bones, paper bags etc …

In case of rain the event will be held at the Civic Museum of Cormòns, for information and reservations please call 0481 630.303 or email

Thursday 30 May 2019 8.00 pm, Cena Rural Chic with Daniele Repetti, Baronesse Tacco
In one of the most exclusive locations of the Collio, the wines of the producers and a menu created for the occasion by Michelin-starred chef Daniele Repetti for an informal, fresh and fun appointment at its second edition. With the musical accompaniment of DJ Y. Kaplan.

Yeronimus Kaplan is a DJ and performer who wanders between Hot Jazz, Swing, Ragtime, Blues, Mambo, Calypso and other genres with at least “original” equipment. To the cry of “Low Fidelity Guaranteed!” Kaplan’s music comes from a series of 78 rpm records, made by a couple of fonovalige,

vintage, properly modified. Shellfish at 78 rpm mixed for a forgotten and outdated listening, pre stereophonic in the total Low Fidelity of the Monoaural.

For information and reservations, call 0481 630.303 or email

More information on Enjoy Collio Experience at:


Sunday, April 14th 2019 6.00 pm – Coronini Cronberg park, Viale XX Settembre 14 – Gorizia
A Bu / “Piano Solo”

Ticket price € 15.00 – info: 0481.533485 – – ​​(Vivaticket presale)

The ticket price includes a guided tour of the exhibition “The indispensable superfluous. Fashion accessories in the Coronini family collections “before or after the concert (at 4.30pm and 7.30pm)

In case of bad weather the concert will be held at the Gorizia Synagogue

At the age of 19, the Chinese pianist A Bu represents, for jazz, what the famous compatriot Lang Lang means for classical music. At Bu he starts playing at 4, at 9 he is already a prodigy student at the Beijing Conservatory while at 13 he shares the stage with the legendary Chick Corea. His passion brought him to the best music academy in the United States, the Juilliard School in New York, where he currently studies and resides. His participation in important festivals is countless, including the Montreux Jazz Festival and Umbria Jazz.

Sunday 26 May 2019 at 19.30 – Coronini Cronberg park, Viale XX Settembre 14 – Gorizia
Ultramarine / “The song of the birds”

Ticket price € 15.00 (Vivaticket presale)

With the purchase of the ticket, a guided tour of the exhibition “The indispensable superfluous. Fashion accessories in the Coronini family collections “before the concert (at 16.30) at a reduced price € 3.00. RESERVATION REQUIRED: info: 0481.533485 –

In case of bad weather the concert will be held at the Kulturni Dom in Gorizia

Daniele D’Agaro: clarinets
Denis Biason: guitar and banjo
Luigi Vitale: marimba and percussion
Camillo Prosdocimo: cocchiolatore

A special musical program dedicated to the singing of birds, the only one of its kind that sees the presence of the extraordinary cocchiolatore (imitator of the song of birds) Camillo Prosdocimo, multiple European champion. The music was written especially by Daniele D’Agaro and is based on the transcriptions of the songs of the thrush, the lark, the owl and other birds. The “Ultramarine” concert will be a tribute to nature and birds, an event that aims to raise public awareness, paying particular attention to sustainability and environmental care, a unique and perfect expression of the divine creation that unfortunately the modern man very often does not respects.

Sunday 30 June 2019 at 20.30 – Coronini Cronberg park, Viale XX Settembre 14 – Gorizia

Boogie Nuts

Ticket price € 15.00 – info: 0481.533485 – – ​​(Vivaticket presale)

with the purchase of the ticket guided visit to the exhibition “The indispensable superfluous. Fashion accessories in the Coronini family collections “before the concert (at 17.30) at a reduced price € 3.00. RESERVATION REQUIRED: info: 0481.533485 –

In case of bad weather the concert will be held at the Kulturni Dom in Gorizia
Luca Grizzo: voice, washboard, snare drum, conga
Andrea Casti: double bass and choirs
Paolo Corsini: piano
Enrico Milanesi: guitar and choirs
Mauro Darpin: sax and choirs

Strengthened by a solid experience gained over the years playing in various Rockabilly, Swing, Blues, Jazz formations, the “Boogie Nuts” draw their major influences from these musical territories. In interpreting in a personal way the songs of great authors of the 30s and 40s, they propose an explosive cocktail, whose ingredients are an acoustic sound, energy and fun.

All information on the Overture:



The Italian Jazz for the Earthquake is the event that for four years now brings all the national jazz to mobilize for the territories of central Italy affected by the earthquake.

Also this year the itinerant nature is reconfirmed: 4 days of great music that will trace an ideal bridge, an indissoluble thread of beauty and art in the heart of Italy.

To consult the complete program click here!


Enjoy Collio Experience is to live the experience of the territory at 360 degrees, is to dive into the beauty of the nature of a land that proudly preserves its biodiversity, is to embrace slowness, living well and environmental sustainability as a philosophy of life. With Enjoy Collio Experience you will immerse yourself in the many nuances that this land has to offer, combined in a synergy of experiences, voices, people ready to accompany you to discover the Collio and its cultural, scenic and enogastronomic riches. Controtempo collaborates with musical accompaniments of some events, to make the experience even more memorable.

Monday 28 May: Rural chic gala in San Floriano

Looking at the Collio from its highest point in one of its most exclusive locations to begin a week full of experiences in an elegant, informal, fresh and fun tasting the wines of Collio producers who will offer their Collio Experience at the weekend. The event will be accompanied by the One Time Duo composed by Eduardo Contizanetti on guitar and Giuliano Tull on sax, proposing original songs, intense moments of improvisation and suggestive dialogues between the two instrumentalists.

Eduardo Contizanetti: guitar
Giuliano Tull: soprano sax

Info and reservations:

Wednesday, May 30th: PIC-NIC in Ruttars, Livon company

In the enchantment of the sunset on the Collio vineyards, in Ruttars, in the vineyard of BraideAlte of the Livon Company, you will be enveloped by the atmosphere of the sun that descends over the hills to stay immersed in the twilight vineyard to sip the Collio wines in the where AQUA products are born and taste for what will be an exclusive and surprising picnic. Everything will be accompanied by the evocative melodies of Eduardo Contizanetti on guitar that will accompany the sublime voice of Marzia Postogna in a tribute to the French chanson from Charles Trenet to Edith Piaf in their Paris Piaf. A Collio Experience to tell.


Eduardo Contizanetti: guitar
Marzia Postogna: Voice

Info and reservations:

Friday 1st June: Tasting at sunset, Borgo Conventi company

A landowner of noble origins, a friar and a plot of land on which to build the first monastery in the Farra d’Isonzo territory. Thus began the ancient legend which takes the name “Borgo Conventi”, founded in 1975 with the aim of producing refined and fine wines. The elegant colonial-style villa and the elegant lawn are the perfect setting to enjoy them at sunset accompanied by The Dixieland Stumblers Trio which will offer a repertoire dedicated to the music of the 1920s / 30s, from New Orleans to Chicago, with songs made famous by the great Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Benny Goodman, Fats Waller and Duke Ellington.


Daniele D’Agaro: clarinet, C melody sax
Denis Biason: banjo, guitar
Marzio Tomada: double bass

Info and reservations:

Sunday 3 June: Bike, Jazz and Wine in Roncus

Slow cycle touring itinerary, suitable for everyone, which winds between cycle paths and ͞ soft hills (altitude difference 150 meters). Heaven and earth, meadows and vineyards, hills, cellars and villages that stand out in all their splendor. This is the Collio and there are many roads to follow in landscapes that tell the story of the territory until you reach the valley of Preval, an area of ​​naturalistic interest. The bike tour will depart from Cormòns and will cross the town of Subida with its church, the Vigne Alte, the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso, the red lakes of Capriva, the castle of Spessa (with attached golf course). You will be enchanted by the charm of landscapes, music and typical gastronomy. Upon arrival, tasting of the wines of the Roncus Company, example of excellence, synthesis and intersection of Italian, Slovenian and German cultures, at the Vecchie Vigne estate, the oldest vineyards in the hills of Capriva, and concert of the MaxMaber Orkestar. Voices, accordion, sax, violin, guitars, drums and bass will take you on a journey through the popular tradition of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Klezmer, old Italian and Yugoslav songs, waltz and mazurke, Roma music, Bosnian sevdalinke and dances from Serbia and Macedonia intertwine in a joyful and melancholy sound at the same time.


Alberto Guzzi: soprano saxophone, vocals
Max Jurcev: accordion, voice
Lucy Passante Spaccapietra: violin, voice
Matteo Zecchini: guitars, vocals
Fabio Bandera: double bass, vocals
Alessandro Perosa: drums

Info and reservations: 3 June: tasting in Gradis’ciutta Gisbana, at the foot of San Floriano, hosts the Gradis’ciutta Company which will open its doors on Sunday 3 June to accompany visitors through vineyards, winery, tastings and music to give a profound experience in which wine is the protagonist of a a real example of hospitality. The musical accompaniment will be entrusted to the Duo composed by Gaetano Valli on guitar and Lorena Favot, voice. The two, for many years together in various musical projects, present a varied and entertaining program that draws on an exterminated repertoire: from Gershwin to Jobim, up to the best known American, Italian and European twentieth century standards.

LORENA FAVOT – GAETANO VALLI duo Lorena Favot: voice
Gaetano Valli: guitar

Info and reservations:




On Sunday 20 May, the usual collaboration with èStoria will be held at 5:30 pm, Palazzo de Grazia, via Oberdan 15, Gorizia.


The presentation of the book “Yugoslavia, terra mia” by Goran Vojnovic, the first example of a Slovenian narrative on the wars of the last decade of the 20th century in the former Yugoslavia, intersects the musical itinerary of Eduardo Contizanetti. An emotional journey through original music composed and performed in solo guitar. A path of sound migration from blues to Andean atmospheres, from urban groove to tango in five stages:

Mother Earth
Dreams necessary
Point of arrival
Serenade for the native land
New house.




Controtempo opens the International Jazz Day organized by Unesco Giovani.
10:00 am: “Music and Heritage” debate
Jazz & Wine (Collio): Paola Martini, president of Controtempo and Roberto Felcaro, mayor of Cormons
International Jazz Day of UNESCO Youth (Palmanova) with the participation of UNESCO Young and Francesco Martines, Mayor of Palmanova
Concerts on the Dolomites: Maria Grazia Santoro (President of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation)
The state of jazz in FVG with particular attention to the new generations: Flavio Massarutto, journalist

11:30 am:

Accordeon Jazz Trio Concert
Mrach Giampaolo: accordion
Gregorig Pierpaolo: sax
Avbelj Aleš: double bass

The unusual duo, Mrach on accordion and Gregorig on saxophone, after having recorded their first cd Mirage and been awarded at the International Accordion Festival in Castelfidardo, involve the Big Band double bass player RTV Slovenija Aleš Avbelj to form an exceptional trio proposing pieces from the standard jazz repertoire.

Following tasting of wines from young producers of Collio and Brda, with the collaboration of Cormòvida: Drius, Keber, Erzetič and Ščurek.



Saturday 12 May at 2.30 pm
Hall 1 Stand B13-FVG

Pino Ninfa: story between Jazz and Photography

Pino Ninfa, great jazz photographer and tireless traveler, presents his book “Racconti Jazz. Meetings in 7/8 “and, with the stories and the faces of great music legends, transmits the energy that emanates in the encounter between photography and jazz.

With Pino Ninfa, photographer interviewed by Pierlugi Pintar, vice president of Circolo Controtempo