Letizia Felluga Duo

Date: Wednesday, 24 October | 2018

Start time21:30 PM

Enoteca di Cormòns
Piazza XXIV Maggio, 21 - Cormòns (Go)
Tel: 0481 630371
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Letizia Felluga Duo

Letizia Felluga: voice
Gaetano Valli: guitar

The boundless world of American song combined with the fascinating repertoire of bossa-nova, constitute the starting point for this new collaboration between an emerging artist, the young Friulian Letizia Felluga and a veteran of the Italian jazz scene, the Sicilian-Friulian guitarist Gaetano Valli. The formula of the duo is congenial to favor interplay, ie the cohesion between the components. Interpretive freedom and melodic improvisation are grafted onto the traditional structures of the so-called standards, timeless songs written by memorable authors such as Gershwin, Porter, Carmichael, Jobim.

Concert in conjunction with the producers: Livio Felluga, Raccaro, Terre del Faet