Saturday 23 October, 2021 | 11:00

Tilen Kravos, Anton Lorenzutti, Ajk Vremec: guitar, electronics;
Timi Vremec: electric bass;
Matjaž Bajc: double bass;
Žiga Ipavec,Tomi Novak, Robi Erzetič: drums, percussion;
Ivan Pilat: baritone saxophone;
Flavio Zanuttini: trombone, electronics;
Special Guest: Marco Colonna: saxophones, clarinets;
Composer, conductor: Zlatko Kaučič;


Drummer, percussionist, composer and pedagogue, Zlatko Kaučič is in the sixth decade of his musical career. In this long journey, he has played in various chamber and orchestral formations, he has collaborated with numerous illustrious names in the music scene and he has shared his knowledge and inspiration with young and curious artists. His decades of activity contain the best of a modern jazz composer and an avant-garde improviser.

Kaučič is a restless creative spirit, and his role as a researcher leads him to the continuous experimentation of instruments and new musical structures and forms. In his idea of music, there are no boundaries and he is constantly looking for innovative approaches. All this involves a musical adventure characterized by an organic, elementary, playful strength full of unpredictable turns and spontaneous interventions.

Audaci Coraggiosi” is based on guided improvisation, with the precious contribution of Marco Colonna on sax and clarinets. Colonna is one of the most interesting musicians of his generation, nominated among the best wind instrument players in Italy. His style is characterized by harmonic effects and unique timbres.


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