Vinicio Capossela – “Round One Thirty Five”

Sunday 21 November, 2021 | 21:00

On October 12, 31 years ago, “At about one thirty-five”, the first album by Vinicio Capossela was released. The album, born under the aegis of the great Renzo Fantini and baptized by Francesco Guccini, won the Targa Tenco and marked the beginning of a happy and kaleidoscopic artistic journey.

At about one thirty-five, the Pjazza in Bellaria Igea Marina emptied and became the cradle of night owls and lunatics, those who never give up and, if they give up, they do it in style. They were the first audience of the songs on this album, recorded on a cassette on an August 1989 afternoon. A few months later, the cassette ended up in Francesco Guccini’s stereo via Paolo Fabbri 43, and from there into the generous hands of Renzo Fantini, manager and producer of Guccini himself and Paolo Conte. A year after the recording of that cassette, also in August, the record came to life and became a sort of film noir. A midnight Round shot in Emilia by the CCCPs and Pier Vittorio Tondelli.

So that performance time turned into a disc smelling of rain and carpet. Biographical flashes, songs written to anticipate life when there was still peace. Asphalt, sheet metal, epiphanic rooms such as Escandalo or Corallo. Disarming snapshots make the journey epic, in which it is the sound, rather than the meaning of words, that gives body to the world. «The sounds are the background to an imaginary world. A world full of troubles, crowded with dazed strollers, noisy streets and old cars ».

It all started with a piano melody reminiscent of a Dylan song, I Was Young When I Left Home. The words have given us life with its fractures, and that breath has enlarged the whole geography. It is the epic of the piano bar.

In collaboration with Connessioni – Circolo Mario Fain APS as part of “Riflessi”.



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