Monday 25 October, 2021 | 17:30

Boštjan Simon: tenor and soprano saxophones;
Mirko Cisilino: trumpet;
Luigi Vitale: vibraphone;
Goran Krmac: tuba;
Bojan Krhlanko: drums;


There Be Monsters“, in English, refers to an area of ​​unknown and unexplored territory, which ancient maps show as domains of monsters and other mythological creatures. Man’s attitude towards the unknown manifests itself as a restriction of his domain and, at the same time, a warning against wandering in unexplored areas. The music of “There Be Monsters” focuses on the area of ​​the dividing line between the known and the unknown, characterized by composed and open soundscapes. It is a completely acoustic ensemble based on sounds deriving from ethnic traditions and with approaches of contemporary classical music, such as the use of Olivier Messiaen’s styles and random improvisation. An important aspect of Boštjan Simon’s compositions is rhythm, and in particular the interaction of intertwined rhythmic patterns and the use of some techniques of Carnatic classical music.

Jazz&Wine of Peace 2021


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Villa Codelli

Via dei Codelli, 15, Mossa, GO, Italia