Shapes of Jazz / Forme di Jazz con Andrea Venerus

Tuesday 26 October, 2021 | 19:30


During the Volo del Jazz 2021 review, Andrea Venerus, together with his PAFF! of Pordenone will portray the protagonists and the protagonists of the festival during their performances. These free live drawing sessions will be preceded, for those who enrol in the artistic-didactic path, by four preparatory meetings in the classroom to learn how to “look” at music, stopping its movements and colours on paper thanks to oil pastels in what we could define “concrete” synaesthesia. The laboratory is aimed at all interested people: in fact, no specific previous technical skills are required.

Materials needed: a drawing pad (size: 29×42 cm) of cellulose paper (weight: between 210 and 300 gsm); graphite pencils (hardness: 2B), a basic box of oil pastels plus a few coloured pencils and various strips of fabric to blend and dab the backgrounds.

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