Nicola Fazzini/Riccardo Chiarion duo

Saturday 16 October, 2021 | 18:00


Nicola Fazzini: sax
Riccardo Chiarion: guitar

Two musicians, two friends, find themselves making music together after several years. Both artists have recently developed a solo path in their respective instruments and will alternate performances in duo and solo. An evening dedicated to expressive freedom in the footsteps of the jazz tradition and free improvisation.

Nicola Fazzini is a Milanese saxophonist and composer by birth but Venetian by adoption with a recognized live musical experience in Italy and abroad and more than thirty recordings behind him. For years he has dedicated himself to innovative and research musical projects (XYQuartet, Hyper +, CREI), also collaborating with the Ca ‘Foscari University for didactic and educational activities and with many Venetian institutions for special projects and artistic directions (Jazz Area Subway, Sile Jazz, Musicafoscari / S.Servolo Jazz Fest).

Riccardo Chiarion, guitarist from Gorizia and jazz guitar teacher at the G. Tartini Conservatory in Trieste.
He has collaborated with several well-known musicians in the Italian and European jazz scene. He has recorded four CDs as leader: Sirene, Mosaico, Waves and Quiet Stories (last solo guitar work). He played with Kenny Wheeler performing a new suite still unpublished together with John Taylor, Diana Torto, Achille Succi, Fabio Petretti, Rossano Emili, Gianpiero Lo Bello, Flavio Davanzo, Roberto Rossi, Paolo Ghetti, Stefano Paolini and Francesco Sotgiu, conductor Michele Corcella .



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Enoteca di Cormòns

Enoteca di Cormons, Piazza XXIV Maggio, Cormons, GO, Italia