As every year, there is not only music at Il Volo del Jazz: with the sale of the calendar A jazz sign for the solidarity 2019, which collects the photographs of Dominique Pozzo, the exhibition renews its support to La Biblioteca di Sara (born in memory of Sara Moranduzzo), a non-profit organization that operates a loan service for books in the ward and readings aloud to the little patients of the Santa Maria degli Angeli Hospital in Pordenone, homes for the elderly, housing communities, schools.

Dominique Pozzo: born in 1993, from Doberdó del Lago (GO), he falls in love with photography from an early age: after high school he starts working in a photographic studio where, supported by various professionals, he refines his passion. For five years he started to create services that took her to Slovenia, France, the United States and Spain – currently her second home after Italy – helping to increase her human and artistic baggage.

The calendars, available for free, can be purchased at concerts and at Controtempo initiatives. The proceeds are donated to La Biblioteca di Sara.
For donations:
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