Wednesday 22 November 2017 – 8.00pm
Tenuta Vistorta Via Vistorta, 82 / Sacile

The products and flavors of the territory interpreted by Cucina33 and by the chef Daniela Doretto will welcome guests in the evocative Vistorta estate for two special evenings dedicated to jazz music.
Dinner will be accompanied by Tenuta Vistorta wines.

Vistorta, with its splendid barchessa and historic cellar, tells the story of the Brandolini family, noble condottieri, and of Brandino Brandolini’s passion for his land and his wine.

The greenhouse of the orchids is an ancient collection started for fun by the father in the 50s, currently more than 1,000 are present. In November you can admire the splendid flowering of cattleye, including important British hybrids of the late nineteenth century.

The event includes a visit to the suggestive orchid greenhouse
Following dinner at the Tenuta Vistorta and meeting with the artist Yeronimus Kaplan


DJ sets of monophonic vinyls and gums with 78 rpm, simply bypassed by a pair of vintage, turntable automatic turntables, mixed for a past and past listening, pre stereophonic but not for this prehistoric, in the total Low Fidelity of the Monoaural supported by a couple of Stereo 606 fonovaligia, suitably modified.
In this situation the selection is more versatile, with vinyls at 16, 45 and 33 rpm, and tires at 78 rpm with a lineup from the 20s to the early 60s always in the interchange of jazz, hot jazz, ragtime, swing, blues, Latin jazz, Latin rumbo mambo …


Tenuta Vistorta
Cantine Conte Brandolini
Via Vistorta, 82 / Sacile

Participation € 30
Info and reservations:

tel. + 39 0434 247539


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