Curated by Luca A. D’Agostino “Sconfini.

“Sconfini. Twenty years of Jazz & Wine of Peace” is a box with six books of different sizes that tells in words and images about the Festival held every year on the Italian and Slovenian Collio. A multiple editorial work that uses the languages ​​of photography (Luca A. d’Agostino), graphics (Roberto Duse), comics (Massimiliano Gosparini) and writing (Flavio Massarutto).
The Jazz & Wine Festival of Peace represents a unique example in the national panorama of the ability to offer cultural tourism combining music and territory, conviviality and entertainment. Despite the passing of the years the identity has remained the same as the initial intuition: to use the rich and prestigious oenological production and jazz music in the sign of overcoming political, geographical and cultural boundaries.
During the 2018 Festival some of the photographs collected in the box will be exhibited in the concert venues. The public can sometimes discover new images.



Photos and media of the event

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