Saturday 10 November 2018, 8:45 pm
Teatro Zancaro, Sacile
Il Treno del Jazz
Presentation of the shots taken by LUCA A. D’AGOSTINO.

On 9 September 2018, along the Sacile-Gemona railway line, the train took place: eight local artists performed on board a historic train pulled by a steam locomotive. I Wood and Vibe with Didier Ortolan on clarinet, Mattia Magatelli on double bass and Luigi Vitale on vibraphone; Gianni Massarutto at the harmonica, Andrea Fiore vocals, guitar, bones, spoons, Luca Grizzo at the washboard and percussion and the accordionist Paolo Forte. A lot of ideas for virtuosity and fun. Finally, Osoppo, with its ancient fortress, was the setting for the final party of the unique concert of the Maistah Aphrica. The day was immortalized by Luca d ‘Agostino who made a report to impress the emotions aroused by the Jazz Train on paper.
On the occasion of The Flight of the Jazz will be presented the publication that collects the shots of this trip, available from November 10th.

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