MARTEDì 23 OTTOBRE, ore 20.30
4×8 ( 4 volte 8 )

4 x 8 is a multimedia project curated by the New Corso Cultural Association of Monfalcone and is the result of the emotions and memories that the Italian Northeast preserves in its landscapes and its people. The signs of the war (1918), of the racial persecutions (1938) and of the exodus (1948) find correspondence in the migrations and in the wars of today (2018): the four historical moments are relived through the power of the arts, of free expression and of beauty.
4 x 8 is a multimedia reading made of music, words, theater and images. The actress Luisa Vermiglio – director and performer – lends voice with Stefano Paradisi to the stories commissioned for the occasion and coordinated by Gianni Spizzo. The Giovanni Maier Quintet performs live – alternating with the readings – the improvised music created ad hoc for the project. At the same time, Luca d’Agostino’s photo shoots run in the background.
4 x 8 is also a publication (book + cd) with the prized typography proposed by Roberto Duse, containing the four stories, a photo session and the CD recorded live with the original music.

4 x 8 Project by
New Corso Association (Monfalcone)
from an idea by Manlio Comar

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