Pierpaolo Gregorig e Alessandro Scolz – Vertical Duo

Date: Friday, 27 October | 2017

Start time22:30 PM

Jazz & Wine le bar
Via Matteotti, 78 - Cormòns (Go)
Tel: 338 983 8167
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Friday 27 October

11:30 pm
“Jazz & Wine le bar” (Cormòns, via Matteotti 78)

Pierpaolo Gregorig and Alessandro Scolz – Vertical Duo
Alessandro Scolz: keyboards – Pierpaolo Gregorig: saxophones

Vertical Duo is a project that brings together soul, body and sound, a sound that moves vertically along a hypothetical line of energies. Pierpaolo Gregorig, saxofoni and Alessandro Scolz, keyboards propose original songs and standards.

During the concert: olive bread tasting at the Simonit Artisan Bakery with Salame Feresin Agricultural Company and bread with Figs Bakery Simonit with bacon from the Feresin farm