Our Safety Measures

Our Safety Measures


Attending a performance: general information
• For all performances each member of the audience will be granted a numbered preassigned seat.
• Seats available, access to the theatre and within the theatre and exit routes have been planned to accomplish the rule of social distancing (staying at least 1 meter apart from other people).
• People with disabilities and their companions will be granted access together while respecting social distancing from other people.
• Members of the audience need to wear a face mask all the time during the performance, not only until they reach their seat and whenever they move from their seat.
• A full sanitation will take place before each performance (seats, common areas, surfaces, passageways accessible by the audience).
• The Front of the house Staff will check that social distancing is kept and regulations met by the audience. They may come in contact with the audience if and when:
– social distancing is not put in place
– the face mask is not properly used
– someone occupies a seat other than their own.

Entering the venue and getting to one’s seat
• Upon arrival, members of the audience will be required to sanitize their hands (the hand sanitizer is provided by the theatre and available at the entrance).
• Access to the theatre is regulated to grant social distancing and to make sure that each member of the audience complies with the guidelines.
• The Front of the house Staff will grant that social distancing (at least one meter) is respected by the entering audience.
• At the entrance the body temperature will be measured and anyone with a body temperature above 37,5 °C will not be allowed to enter the theatre.

Use of the toilets
• Toilets will be in use and will be accessible to the members of the audience who will request it. People will be escorted to the toilets by the Front of the house staff while keeping social distancing.

End of the performance and exit from the venue:
• At the end of the performance the audience will be required to take special care not to overcrowd the exits and to keep social distancing.
• The Front of the House staff will manage the exit by letting the audience out in small groups, starting from the seats closest to the exits and proceeding until everyone has left the venue.
• When preparing to leave the theatre, the member of the audience are kindly requested to:
– follow the instructions of the Front of the House staff
– do not forget personal belongings inside the venue
– respect the distance with other people

Contact tracing
We will keep a record of name, date, time and a mobile number or email address for all staff, audience and contractors for a period of 14 days to support the government in the event someone linked to the event contracts COVID-19.

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