Wednesday 25 October 2017 – Teatro Comunale di Cormòns
8:45 pm
Before the Steve Coleman and Five Elements concert

Opening of the festival with the Wines of the BORGO SAN DANIELE winery in Cormòns
and presentation of the book SCONFINI. 20 YEARS OF JAZZ & WINE OF PEACE

Authors: Luca A. d’Agostino, Flavio Massarutto, Massimiliano Gosparini, Roberto Duse

“Sconfini. Twenty years of Jazz & Wine of Peace” is a box with six books of different sizes that tells in words and images about the Festival held every year on the Italian and Slovenian Collio.
A multiple editorial work that uses the languages ​​of photography, graphics, comics and writing.
The reader will therefore have an essay and narrative text on jazz in Friuli Venezia Giulia (the result of unpublished research); three comic stories; a nice jazz breviary; a large format photo book; the list of all the concerts with the portraits of festival-goers.
The Jazz & Wine Festival of Peace represents a unique example in the national panorama of the ability to offer cultural tourism combining music and territory, conviviality and entertainment.
Established in 1998 by a group of enthusiasts gathered in the Circolo Culturale Controtempo, the event has grown over the years and changed to its current configuration.
A week of concerts in cellars, churches, castles, historic sites and in the evening at the Teatro Comunale. But identity has remained the same as the initial intuition: to use the rich and prestigious oenological production and jazz music in the sign of overcoming political, geographical and cultural boundaries.

Luca A. d’Agostino Born in 1968, he has been making photography a profession since 1984; Publicist journalist since 1989, she has collaborated with numerous national and international photo agencies, soon becoming passionate about shows. Registered effective member of Tau Visual – Professional Photographer Association of Milan, Nps member (Nikon Professional Service), is a founding member of Phocus Agency – Culture and entertainment photographers (www.phocusagency.com), an agency that aims to offer its own archive and his experience to all operators working in the field of entertainment and music, promoting photography through personal and collective exhibitions and workshops.

Flavio Massarutto Born in Pordenone in 1964, he writes about jazz since 2000 for newspapers and specialized magazines, currently for the Gazzettino and the manifesto. He has dealt in particular with the jazz of his region with articles, publications (Frontier notes and Villotte emigrants and other jazz stories) and the compilation of the four Jazz anthological CDs in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Artesuono). He has written comic stories and published several non-fiction books including Assoli di china (Stampa Alternativa-Nuovi Equilibri), on the relationship between jazz and comics, finalist for the Naples 2012 Prize. He is the artistic director of the San Vito Jazz Festival and collaborates with Cinemazero of Pordenone.

Massimiliano Gosparini Born in Udine in 197, he graduated from the “Giovanni Sello” Art Institute in Udine and attended the Painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Graphic designer and illustrator, he was one of the founders of the humorous magazine Auagnamagnagna! (Edizioni Corollar, Pordenone), where he published comic strips and cartoons from 2001 to 2005, and L’osteria degli ultimo. For Stampa Alternativa he illustrated Assoli di china by Flavio Massarutto with whom he also collaborated on the creation of the graphic novel Jazz Loft published by Controtempo in 2016 and the cinefumetto Ornithology for Cinemazero / Visioni Sonore 2013. In 2013 he created Maudit Bolero, a story in pictures inserted in the booklet accompanying the cd ͞When I become Grande͟ of the Mocambo Swing group. There are numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad and publications in the national press (Alias, Il manifesto, La Corriere della Sera, L’Unità).

Roberto Duse Born in Monfalcone in 1962, he bases his work on the principles of clarity and simplicity. He has participated in several workshops / meetings with Bruno Munari, AG Fronzoni, Hamish Muir 8vo, David Carson, Ed Fella, Tomato Project. Several collaborations see him alongside designers such as Artemio Croatto and Francesco Messina. He held workshops and minilabs and taught at the University of Venice IUAV CLADIS, with Francesco Messina in the extended publishing workshop. In 1992, he exhibited at the Biennial of Young Artists in Valencia, Spain. He was awarded the Fedrigoni Top Award in 2010 with the 2nd prize in the 3-dimension category and exhibited at the Milan Triennale.

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